Helena Vision Center has been at the forefront in providing our patients with the most up-to-date technology in refractive surgery.  We have at least 10 years experience in providing pre-operative evaluations, refractive counseling, and post-operative care for each unique refractive surgery for our patients.

Our pre-operative evaluations include: counseling patients on the different types of refractive surgery and post-surgical expectations, recommending the appropriate   amount of time to discontinue contact lens wear, measuring corneal thickness and curvature, and a complete eye health evaluation to help detect any eye conditions which may disqualify the patient from having a certain type refractive surgery.  There are many different types of refractive surgery, and the doctors and staff at Helena Vision Center have the knowledge and experience to help each individual choose the appropriate one for his or her visual needs.

Refractive surgery guidelines have been established to reduce potential complications.  The doctors and staff at Helena Vision Center possess the knowledge, skills, technology, and compassion to assist every individual in choosing the procedure that best suits their desire.  Please contact our office today to discuss your options and schedule an evaluation.

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