Contact Lens Care – the following are some rules and guidelines for taking care of your contacts.  It is important to take care of your contacts and your eyes to prevent eye infection, irritation and other contact-related complications.  

  1. Always wash hands & dry with lint free towel before touching contacts.
  2. Place a towel on counter to catch contact if dropped and close drain on sink.
  3. If contact is folded, place in palm of hand with solution and roll to unfold.  DO NOT PEEL APART.
  4. Make sure contact is not inside out before you put it on.   
  5. Inspect contact for tears, nicks, or debris before you put it on.
  6. Even if solution says “NO RUB” make sure to gently rub your contacts to clean them.
  7. Never re-use solution in case.
  8. Always use solution on contact NEVER water. 
  9. NEVER put contact lens in mouth then back on eye. 
  10. Clean and replace contact case regularly (monthly).
  11. Put contacts on before make-up/face paint and take off prior to removing make-up/face paint.
  12. Close eyes to use hairspray and wait 1 minute to open when wearing contacts. 
  13. Follow wearing and replacement schedule prescribed by your doctor.
  14. DO NOT wear contacts overnight unless approved by your doctor.
  15. Take contacts off 1 hour before bed and wear glasses to give your eyes a break.
  16. Take contacts off before going swimming, showering, or entering a hot tub.  If you must wear your contacts swimming, wear goggles. 

Remove lenses and contact our office if you experience any of the following: redness for more than a day, pain, or discharge.